How to Pack Up Your House Ready for a Move

Moving home is widely regarded as one of the more stressful events that a person can go through during their lifetime.

The many challenges involved – from packing up our earthly belongings to saying farewell to cherished memories, all have a physical and emotional toll. So when it comes to the big move, going in with a number of invaluable packing tips can make a world of difference.

To help, we have put together a number of tips on how to pack up your house ready for a move.

Declutter Before the Move
Decluttering before packing for a move can be a massive help when preparing for the big day. Not only does it allow you to reduce the overall number of belongings to move, but it also offers up an idea of how much you have to transport to your new home.

Organise a Designated Packing Zone
Establishing a space as a designated packing zone, whether that’s an entire room or simply in a corner, is one of most helpful packing tips we can recommend. A designated packing zone will hopefully ensure a smoother move as belongings are kept within one area rather than simply scattered around.

Use a Labelling Gun
Knowing what goes into every box as you pack can be a huge timesaver later on. Using a labelling gun, or even a pen, to record what is in each box, plus which room the items belong, can make life much easier when the time comes to unpack.

Make Sure You Have Packaging Materials
You can have all the tips for packing up your house in the world, but without the right equipment, your job is always going to be a tough ask. Alongside the aforementioned labelling gun, ensuring you have enough bubble wrap, tape, scissors, etc., before you begin packing will help you avoid having to scramble around at the last minute.

At S.W. Leach & Sons, we are happy to supply you with various packaging materials to help with your move.

Invest in Boxes
While it can be tempting to pick up boxes wherever you can find them to help save some cash in the long run, it can end up costing you more in both time and money.

Cheap boxes are typically flimsy and may not last the journey to your new home. Instead, invest in quality boxes that you can rely on to see you through the move. You are always better off spending a little money rather than risking your possessions falling out of a frail box during one of the more stressful days of your life.

Still not sure which boxes to choose? S W Leach & Sons can provide the boxes too.

Pack Room by Room
When it comes to the actual packing, going from room to room is always the best way to go and one of the most valuable packing tips for moving house we can offer. Working room by room ensures boxes contain items that typically belong together, which will save time when it comes to unpacking.

Pack Smart
When packing, there are several rules to follow to help ensure a smoother move. First, always place heavier objects at the bottom of the box with lighter ones on top, as this will help prevent damage. While this might sound obvious, it is easy to be complacent when managing a hundred tasks at once.

Also, always make sure not to overload boxes to prevent items from falling through and avoid under-packing, as space within could lead to any heavy possessions placed on top falling through. Adding clothes to half-empty boxes can be a great way of filling them up and avoiding damage.

Keep an Inventory List
While maintaining an inventory may seem like adding more work to your never-ending list of moving tasks, keeping track of where items are can be a massive timesaver.

Keep the Essentials Aside
Even when moving house, life still goes on, so keeping those essentials, such as toiletries and a spare change of clothes, to the side is crucial.

Writing a list of everything you will need and packing them in an overnight bag will save you from having to dig through your boxes at 10pm to find your toothbrush.

Hire a Professional
Sometimes, the idea of packing up all our possessions to move home can be a little overwhelming. If you would rather forgo the stress involved of packing up all your possessions, why not consider hiring a professional to do the hard work instead. At S.W. Leach & Sons, we offer a complete packaging service to make your move that little bit easier.

Whichever packing tips for moving house you take away with you, we hope we have provided a few great ideas in preparation for the big day.

At S.W. Leach & Sons, we offer a full packing service alongside house removals and container storage services. When it comes to moving house, you can rely on us to get the job done.



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