What to look for when booking a removal company

Did you know that most people in the UK will move house around seven times before they decide to call it a day and settle down? That’s quite a lot of moves, and quite a lot of involvement with removal companies.

As one of the top removal companies in Kent, our team at S W Leach & Sons have put together the following guide on what to look for when hiring a removal firm to deal with your belongings on the big day.

Keep it local
While some removal companies boast a nationwide service, your best bet is to find a local company. Not only will it make it easier for you to source recommendations from people you actually know, but a local firm will know the best route between your old house and your new one, cutting down the time it will take to get the move completed.

Know what you want before you call
Make a list of what you want from your removals company and have it with you when you call. Most companies are happy to try and accommodate you but, if you don’t ask for a certain thing at the outset, you can’t be surprised if it’s not provided for you at the end.

Making certain that your belongings are insured during the removals process is absolutely vital. In an ideal world, there’ll be no need for it – everything will go fine from one end to the next. Of course, accidents can and occasionally do happen, so it’s in your best interest that your items are covered by appropriate insurance. Any decent removals company will carry an insurance policy that includes your items for the duration of the move, but it’s best to check exactly what this entails. You should ask what the cover includes – accidental damage, loss, and fire, for instance – as well as when it kicks in. For most companies, insurance is in effect from the point that they load an item onto the van until they unload it at the other end, but always confirm this ahead of time.

When dealing with a removals company, it’s worth knowing how they got to where they are today. If a company has been trading continuously for decades and has a well-established reputation in the area, then that’s obviously a good thing. However, some firms might have been in business for a year or two, but their staff have years of expertise that they bring to the business. If you can’t find the information on their website, always ask before you sign.

Additional services
Do you need more than just a bunch of guys able to lift your belongings in and out of a removals van? Maybe you need to put some of your items in storage, or perhaps you could do with a hand when it comes to packing up your stuff? Many removal companies these days offer such services to their clients, so it’s always worth enquiring. If nothing else, it saves you the hassle of dealing with different companies to handle your move completely.

Get in touch
Finding a local firm that ticks all of these boxes already puts you ahead of the game before you start your move. Residents of the Kent area have already beaten the odds by having S W Leach & Sons on their doorstep. Give the team a call today on 01622 882070  or 01732 842122 for a free, no-obligation quote. 



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