Your Comprehensive Office Move Checklist

Whether due to growth or a change of scenery, relocating your business can be a challenging but exciting experience.

So, when it comes to your office moving day, there is a range of factors to consider, from keeping staff up to date to managing an accurate inventory. To help your move go off without a hitch, we’ve put together our office moving day checklist guide.

1. Creating a Stock Inventory
The first step to take as a part of any office relocation checklist is to create an inventory of all existing stock and office equipment. Building an accurate record of everything that requires moving will give you and your office removals team an idea of the amount of work required. It will also help the removals team you hire to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

2. Choosing an Office Removals Specialist
Expecting your employees to do the heavy lifting likely won’t go down well in the office. So, unless your business is particularly small, it might be worth hiring a removals specialist to help on your office moving day.
At S.W. Leach & Sons, we offer first-rate office removals across Kent, with services including archive and document container storage and IT hardware relocation.

3. Visit Your New Office Space
Once the lease on your office space is signed and you can start planning for the months ahead, you will likely want to put together a floor plan. Whether you tackle this yourself or delegate to an employee, formulating a floor plan ensures all furniture and office equipment has a place when it arrives and fits where it belongs.

4. Check Your New Office is Ready
Alongside ensuring everything in your new office space has a place, preparing your office space to allow your employees to work without any teething issues is also vital.
Establishing internet networks and phone lines ensures your team are not left waiting around when they start back at your brand new premises.

5. Brief Staff
Often one of the first things to fall down the list of priorities of your office move checklist, ensuring all staff are properly kept up to date throughout the move is essential. Try to make sure that all employees are aware of the new address and any changes to their working schedule on the day to ensure a smooth a transition as possible.

We hope our office moving day checklist has provided you with several key points to remember when relocating your business.

At S.W. Leach & Sons, we provide a full removals service for commercial clients alongside packing and storage services. When it comes to moving business properties, you can rely on us to get the job done.



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